Wednesday, August 1, 2012

6 Months

Mckenna weighs15.4 (25th percentile) and is 26.2 (50 percentile) inches long. she is in size 2 diapers and wears 3-6month and 6month outfits. 
  • Started pushing up on all fours 7/9 started crawling 7/18 McKenna is still wobbles but she is getting really fast.
  • She can go from a crawl to sitting position she did that 7/31
  • Loves blowing raspberry's and peek-a-boo.
  • She will give high fives.
  • Sat up for two consecutive minuits 7/19 but would rather crawl around on the floor.
  • She LOVES to be on her tummy and has no interest in being held or in her jumper. She also loves to play with things like paper and keys (she has several sets of toy keys that she LOVES)
  • I can finally feel teeth coming in on the bottom. She has been drooling and biting like crazy.
  • McKenna loves to talk and hear herself, any time we are in the car i can hear her back there just chatting away, so cute!
  • She is a great eater. she eats a 7oz bottle every three hours and oatmeal,or veggies twice a day. For the most part she will eat the entire serving.
  • She also love to eat yogurt melts, I break them up and she does a really good job chewing them.
  • McKenna still naps like a champ if we are at home, when we are out she will put up some fight, she is starting to get better napping out side the house.
  • All around McKenna is very happy and low maintenance. 

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