Friday, July 27, 2012


Today we visited the airplane, or as Brooke calls it errplane, museum. The actual museum part of the trip was fun and actually entertaining but with seven toddlers and a gigantic room full of breakables, Lets just say I was more than happy to spend the entire time in the play area! Which Brooklyn loved.

First display and she is off.

  Thanks to our tour guide the kids actually got to sit in side one of the displays. 

Off to the next display!

When we got to the play area and I told Brooke she could play, she responds, Oh my goodness. I can touch it? 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


McKenna started scooting on 7/8 then the very next day she started pushing up on all fours and rocking in the last few weeks she has really taken off with her crawling attempts. And actually crawled for the first time on 7/18. Now that she has figured it out that is all she wants to to, She is really keeping this mama on her toes and big sister doesn't like that now McKenna can get to her toys

My little scooter. Pictures taken 9/8

All fours and rocking. Picture taken 9/12

crawling pictures taken 7/25

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Before I was a mom

Before I was a Mom...

I never tripped over toys
or forgot words to a lullaby.
I didn't  worry whether  or not
 my plants were poisonous.
I never thought about immunizations

 Before I was a Mom,
I had never been  puked on.
Pooped on.
Chewed on.
Peed on.
I had complete control of my mind
and my thoughts.
I slept All night. 

Before I was a Mom,
I never held down a screaming child
so doctors could do tests.
or give shots.
I never looked into teary eyes and cried.
I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin.
I never sat up late hours at night
watching a baby sleep. 

Before I was a Mom,
I never held a sleeping baby just because
I didn't want to put them down.
I never felt my heart break into a million pieces
when I couldn't stop the hurt.
I never knew that something so small
could affect  my life so much.
I never knew that  I could love someone so much.
I never knew I would love being a mom. 

Before I was a Mom,
I didn't know the feeling of
having my heart outside my body.
I didn't know how special it could feel
to feed a hungry baby.
I didn't know that bond 
between a mother and her child
I didn't know that something so small
could make me feel so important and happy

Before I was a Mom,
I had never gotten up in the middle of the night 
every 10 minutes to make sure all was okay.
I never felt the  warmth,
the joy,
the love,
the heartache,
the wonderment
or the satisfaction of being a Mom
I didn't know I was capable of feeling so much,
Before I was a Mom

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sitting Up

McKenna has been sitting up for a few seconds to a minute for about a month now. Since learning how to crawl she has been less and less interested in sitting up. On 7/19 she sat up for a good two minuets at a play date and now she can sit up like a champ, usually with in a few minutes she purposefully rolls on to her belly to crawl away, she will sit anywhere from 2 to 5 minuets.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Real Food

In the last week we have started McKenna on real food. So far she has started with homemade



 Sweet potatoes

 and Carrots

She has liked everything so far (squash is her favorite). I have really enjoyed making her food, so far it is easier than I thought it would be and so much cheaper.

Kevin taught her how to blow raspberry's and now she loves to blow her food all over the place, of course its funny to her, making feeding time very messy.

When she is done eating she will stick her thumb in her mouth and not let me feed her ant more.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Zercher Family Pictures 2012

For mothers day Kevin and I thought it would be a great idea to have family pictures done. All the kids are getting older and we didn't have an updated family picture. Luckily Sandra was able to work with all our hectic schedules and fit us in before my braces went on ;). It has taken me a while to upload these but I love them.

The whole group

Kevin's mom and dad. (aka Nana and Papa)
Finally I have a picture of the two of them.

Jennifer, Josh, and Eli
We recently found out that Jennifer is pregnant with a sweet little baby (my guess is GIRL), due in January!!! I'm so excited.


Our little family.
Check out McKenna's face lol.

And One last family picture! I am so blessed to have such great in laws, i love each and every one of them.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th from the Zercher girls

And just for fun a few bloopers....

Winky face

Sunday, July 1, 2012

5 Months

5 Months!

McKenna weighs 14.8 (between 10 and 25%) and is 26.1 (between 50 and 75%) inches tall. I was getting really concerned about her size but her doctor says she is perfectly normal and healthy. She is wearing mostly 3-6 month outfits and some 6 month sleepers and is in size 2 diapers. She eats 6oz every three hours along with two tablespoons of cereal twice daily.

McKenna is a morning person, I wake up to her happily talking to herself each morning and because Brooklyn sleeps in, I take this as my one on one time with McKenna, we love it :)
  • She is the rolling master! On 6/13 I walked away to make a bottle and she had managed to roll across the living room and under the table. She will also roll to toys that are out of reach.
  • Trying to sit up. On 6/17 she sat up alone for three seconds, she has been working up to as long as 10 seconds (we are so close to being a sitter!) 
  • laughed on 6/23. McKenna will laugh at..Brooke, being tickled, and us laughing at her
  • Inch worm crawling/ scooting on 6/29 kevin sat a toy just out of reach and mckenna pulled her legs under her belly then scooted forward to get it. She did it over and over for the next 10 minuets! (separate post to come)
  • I can tell she is starting to remember people and recognize strangers. She needs to warm up to people before they can hold her, but she smiles at everyone.
  • Her favorite toy this month is her jumper and she is still loving her frog pacifier.
  • Eating cereal has become less of a challenge. We found that she prefers the Gerber brand with a scoop of formula powder added in. She is up to two tablespoons twice a day.
  • started holding her bottle (up to 5 minuets at a time)
  • We are also hearing lots of babbling, this girl loves to talk!
All around McKenna is very calm and relaxed. We have gotten in to a great routine and I have learned all of McKennas signs in fact we have several days where McKenna doesn't even cry at all.

And because I couldn't decide which one I liked better..