Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Busy Weekend

On Friday Kevin and I took Brooklyn to groovy cuts to get her first big girl hair cut. Her hair was getting so long and I had been thinking of getting her bangs, she hates wearing her hair up and it's always in her face.

From the moment we walked in Brooke wanted to sit in the police car but eventually we convinced her to sit in the more girlie Barbie jeep. She did great while they cut her hair and when it was all done Brooke loved it!



We finished the night by going to Logan's to celebrate fathers day for Kevin. I took the chance to snap a picture of the girls with daddy. Seriously how cute are they!

On Saturday we had a family reunion with some of my family, because I live so far from everyone it is always so much fun to get together.
We had a busy fathers day! After church we came home and changed in to our rangers gear (Kevin and I always think its funny when families all dress the same, so when we do its alway a big joke) and headed out for Sunday lunch. After lunch we played some family baseball at the park, watched some of the game, and then went over to Kevin's moms house for fathers day dinner.
To say I was wore out by the end of the day would be an understatement!

My attempts to get a family picture...

Setting up the tripod...

atempt number 1929383
is Everone...
 looking  (check)
smiling (check)
Eyes open (check)
Yay finally! :)

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