Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Three Months

    McKenna is 24 1/4inches long (90th percentile) and 12.5lbs (50th percentile).She wears size 1 diapers, 0-3 month cloths, and very few 3-6month outfits. She eats 4oz every 3 hours but we are trying to work her up to 6oz.

  • she will sooth herself by sucking on her thumb or two middle fingers
  • cries real tears.
  • she is still a really happy smiley baby
  • reaching out and grabbing toys. she will even pick up and hold them (blankets,bibs toys, all end up in her mouth)
  • love sitting up more than lying down. We tried out her exercauser and loved it!! 4/3/10 She was still a little wobbly but she just stared and smiled at all the bright toys.She sits in it almost everyday now
  • Rolling over the first time. On 4/21 she has done it a three times since but is not very interested in the whole rolling thing yet, she will however scoot all over the place. In the morning when I go to get her she has scooted herself in to the corner of her bed.
  • Sleeps from 9-7 and sometimes 9-9
  • She does not nap for more than an hour (thanks big sister lol) but is almost never fussy.
  • She will follow me with her eyes when I move from side to side. it makes me feel important ;)
  • Found her hands, she will just sit there and study them. she is also starting to play with her feet.
  • Slept in her crib and without the swaddle 4/27 she has been sleeping in her room without her swaddle ever since. I was able to fight urge to go in and check on her, but slept with the monitor on my pillow.
  • when she gets exited she will smile, wave her arms, and kick her feet all at once.

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