Friday, May 4, 2012

First Dates

Kevin and I Officially met in April 2008.

Up until now I have been to embarrassed to tell the full story of how we met. I now know that it doesn't matter how me met, but that we met! And what better day than our 4 year "dating" anniversary to tell our story.

In March of 2008 I sent Kevin a friend request on Myspace...yep...I said it MYSPACE! I had thought Kevin was someone I had gone to school with.

A few days later I had a message, it was Kevin, asking who I was. Ha! I introduced myself and apologized for getting him and someone else mixed up. Our conversations grew from there and after a few weeks and tons of messages we exchanged numbers.

several LONG phone conversations later, we set up a day to meet in person (Dangerous I know!) All we had to go on were our myspace photos! This is what the looked like in April 2008;

We arranged to meet at the Dr. Pepper Fields, off Eldorado, in Frisco. Neither of us knew how to get there. On the way I got lost and after 45 minuets of Kevin trying to give me directions (he also did not know this area) I stopped at a gas station. Kevin told me to stay put and he would find me. Nether of us knowing what the other would be driving.

Getting board sitting in my car (and a little afraid I wouldn't have enough gas or money to make it home) I went in side to check the ATM. On my way out, a guy in a gray truck, rolled down his window and said;" I think I'm supposed to meet you" Real smooth Kevin! HA! lol  actually it was more of a shy/question.

We spent the rest of the night and well in to the next morning sitting in the gas station parking lot talking. It really was a great way to start an amazing relationship! On May 4th 2008. We started dating couple, even making it myspace official ;)
I LOVE YOU KEVIN! and I promise I'm not some 90 year old man! lol

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