Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Day in the Life

I love the idea of doing a few day in the life blogs, it is always nice to look back and remember how easy our days were.
So here is my day with a three year old and three month old.

At 6:30 Kevin wakes me up so I can exercise, while he gives McKenna her morning bottle.

8:00 it's tummy time for Kenna. Brooke wakes up around this time but it takes her about 30 minuets to wake up.  She then has breakfast. Mckenna has her second bottle at about 9 and goes down for her morning nap.(She usually doesn't nap until 10)

While McKenna naps I clean the house and play with Brooklyn, around 10 we start "School" this week we are working on shapes and differences. Also if I have a craft or project we will do that at this time too.

11:30 McKenna wakes up and has a bottle. Today out of the blue Brooke asked to feed McKenna. I love that she enjoys playing such an active role in her little sisters life

.At 12 its time for Brooke to eat lunch. More tummy/ play time for both girls. while I start baking cookies for our play date tomorrow. At 2 Mckenna has another bottle and both girls go down for a nap. this is when I take my free time to relax.

The finnished cookie :)

4:15 McKenna wakes up and plays while I try to get the cookies finnished. McKenna is such a cute happy little distraction.

Brooklyn wakes up and we watches Bambi while I feed and rock a cranky McKenna to sleep. Kevin calls an lets me know that he is getting off early (yay!!). He gets home around 7:30. I make dinner and he feeds the girls while I shower.

Around 8 I give Brooklyn a bath while Kevin takes McKenna and the dogs on a short walk. When they get home McKenna gets an oil treatment for her cradle cap and a bath.

She does NOT like bath time.

Kevin always likes to give McKenna her bed time bottle, after that Baby girl goes straight to bed for the night.

Brooke plays while McKenna is going to bed.
 Kevin and I take turns reading Brooklyn a few books then it is time for her to go to bed.

Since McKenna has been born our days have been easer than I thought, both girls have a very easy go with the flow attitude (however with age Brooke is proving to be quite the little diva!) I am still shocked at how well we have been able to adjust with two kiddos.

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