Saturday, April 7, 2012

A week in the Hospital

On 4/1/12 I got a call letting me know Kevin was in the ER!! He had gotten a really bed infection in his leg three days before and was on bed rest, but then he got a staph infection from what we think was a bug bite. This caused him to spike a really high fever and have severe pain in his leg along with the swelling.

The next few days went like many hospital visits would go...Kevin got several rounds of antibiotics and plenty of rest. The girls and I would visit when we could, and I was able to stay with him at night.

On the 3rd we had severe weather that even produces tornadoes near by. so the hospital had to move all the patients and family in to the halls and the hospital was on lock down until the tornadoes passed. Kevin and Brooklyn played games on the phone and ipad while Mckenna cooed and smiled at me (I was FREAKING out on the inside during this all)

We were very lucky to have been  together during all this.

Kevin was released from the hospital on 4/5 and is resting at home until the swelling is gone.

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