Saturday, April 7, 2012


This is my first link up and it is very close to my heart. Kelly is having a link up for moms who have all girls!

When I got pregnant for the first time, I just knew I was having a girl, call it mothers intuition but every pregnancy dream I had i would be holding a sweet baby girl!

Brooklyn is the perfect mix of tom boy and girlie girl. She loves to watch and play baseball with daddy and to play dress up with mommy. She Hates bugs and LOVES ballet, bows, and the color pink.

I can't believe she is almost three...

When I got pregnant with McKenna I was certain this would be my boy, in fact at 14 weeks I was told I was having a boy! When I found out that she was a girl I began to dream of all the fun my girls would have with each other. My sister is my best friend and I am so happy that the girls will have one another growing up.

With Baby Kenna only being two months we don't know much about her yet. What i do know is that she is a go with the flow type of girl, Nothing phases this little one, not even accidentally being rolled on by her older sister!

McKenna almost always has a smile on her face.


The girls love each other so much! Brooke is always asking to hold or play with McKenna and Brooke is always able to get McKenna to smile (even if Kenna is in a bad mood)

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  1. Beautiful little girls! I also have a Brooklyn, love that name.
    Hope Mckenna has a great 1st Easter!