Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy First Birthday Riley!

I have known Chris since high school and met Darcey about two years ago through him, they have a beautiful family and now that they are back from Mexico El Paso, I hope we will have more play dates. Happy Birthday Riley!

This weekend was the first birthday McKenna has attended it was, also the first time for me to take both the girls to a party ALONE! We survived.

The girls did pretty well and the other moms at the party were quick to offer help with Kenna so I could tend to Brooke. Thanks girls :)

Riley is a busy man, he just started walking!

Riley thought Mckenna was very interesting. However Brooklyn was very protective of her baby sister, and any time anyone would get close, she would yell; that's my baby Kenna or SHH she is sleeping. Such a loving sister!

Time for gifts.

Enjoying the party

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