Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Egg Painting

As a special Easter craft Brooke painted eggs as a gift for her aunt Karen. She had so much fun and loved every egg so much she made me send them all! 

It was a really easy and fun craft for us to do together, we might start painting eggs every year for easter!

What you need:

* Eggs
*Paint brush

  1. The night before I got the eggs ready so that they would have plenty of time to dry. I poked two small holes at the top and botom of the egg, then blew out all the egg whites/ yolk. Then after rinsing them out I let them dry over night.
  2. I set out paint and a paint brush and allowed Brooke to paint to her hearts desire.
  3. Once she was done I took a blow dryer to the wet eggs to speed up the drying time. It was that easy!

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