Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brooke says

Over the last two months Brooke has accumulated tons of Laugh out loud or oh my gosh I need to blog that moments! I however have seriously been lacking on the actual blogging part.

Two Hairs:

One night while we were over at meme's house, Brooklyn started pretending to brush our hair.
 First meme, then mommy and Aunt Katie...then she walked over to papa mike. As he lowered his head for her to "brush" his hair
 Brooklyn says: no, you not have two hairs!

I like salad:

Another time while at meme's
Brooke to papa Mike: Whats that?
Papa Mike: salad
Brooke: I like salad, you put it on this plate (she then ate two servings!)

Also papa made her a peanut butter sandwich
Brooke: (looking very sad and in the most pathetic voice she could muster) this duh-scust-ing


Mommy is stinky:

Sometimes our best conversations happen in the car:

Brooke: (Sniffing the air) mommy is stinky
Me: I am? oh no!
Brooke:You need to take a bath
Me: i did this morning
Brooke: Humm ok, you need to take a shower!
Me: ouch!
Brooke: ha ha I'm funny! (well at least she knows it)

wipe to much:

After returning outside from the bathroom
Kevin: Did you wipe?
Brooke: No paper! you wipe, you butt to much!

Just my animals:

Brooke: I go to sleep
Me: do you want to read a story
Brooke: (while running to her room) NOOO

I get up and go in there

Me: where is Scout?
Brooke: I can't find her
Me: is she in your bed?
Brooke: no just my animals.

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