Thursday, March 15, 2012

A day with the Zercher family.

On Monday Kevin had the day off, he and Brooklyn slept in until 11! McKenna woke up at 7am so we spent the morning together.

Tummy Time

After Kevin and Brooke got up we had lunch at chili's and went to see The Lorax. It was so good Brooklyn loved it and McKenna was very content during the entire movie.

This girl loves her veggies! She even asked for a salad.

At the movies.

Our first family photo!

After we got home Brooke changed in to some play cloths and we went outside to jump in some puddles while Kevin made dinner and McKenna napped.

After dinner Kevin gave Brooke a bath and put her to bed, during this time Kenna enjoyed some tummy time before her bath.

Notice her new outfit? McKenna spits up after eating which makes for many many outfit changes, right now I'm still having fun dressing her up, however the laundry adds up.

Munching on a banana

Both girls go to bed a 9pm.

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