Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Pictures

Because I take so many pictures I thought at the end of the month I would post those random pictures that I love but don't fit into any other update.

The best part of waking up...seeing this sweet smile!

Brooke at her st. Patty's play date.

Brooke refuses to give up her bumbo. lol.


On a walk, testing out the girls new wagon.

Sisterly love.

Napping at a play date.

Sitting in the bumbo chair..

Enjoying some morning sun while mommy showers.

Such a hard life. lol.

Blowing bubbles.

Sitting up.

First time in the bumbo chair.

Sticking her tongue out.

Trying out her new shoes and swing.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Felt board

At story time they have this huge felt board with lots of little animals/props to go along with each song the children sing.

 After story time yesterday I thought it would be nice to have a smaller one at home to play with. Luckily for me Hobby Lobby is on my way home from the library! I spent $15 on felt and a board then made this...

I bought a yard of the tan felt to cover my board ( WAY to much 1/2 a yard would work fine) wrapped it up, like you would a present, and hot glued the back. Next I drew and cut out my images. its that simple!! The felt sticks to its self :)

Brooke has already made me sing the 5 swinging monkey song COUNTLESS times...I would say that the felt board is a HIT!

Brooke says

Over the last two months Brooke has accumulated tons of Laugh out loud or oh my gosh I need to blog that moments! I however have seriously been lacking on the actual blogging part.

Two Hairs:

One night while we were over at meme's house, Brooklyn started pretending to brush our hair.
 First meme, then mommy and Aunt Katie...then she walked over to papa mike. As he lowered his head for her to "brush" his hair
 Brooklyn says: no, you not have two hairs!

I like salad:

Another time while at meme's
Brooke to papa Mike: Whats that?
Papa Mike: salad
Brooke: I like salad, you put it on this plate (she then ate two servings!)

Also papa made her a peanut butter sandwich
Brooke: (looking very sad and in the most pathetic voice she could muster) this duh-scust-ing


Mommy is stinky:

Sometimes our best conversations happen in the car:

Brooke: (Sniffing the air) mommy is stinky
Me: I am? oh no!
Brooke:You need to take a bath
Me: i did this morning
Brooke: Humm ok, you need to take a shower!
Me: ouch!
Brooke: ha ha I'm funny! (well at least she knows it)

wipe to much:

After returning outside from the bathroom
Kevin: Did you wipe?
Brooke: No paper! you wipe, you butt to much!

Just my animals:

Brooke: I go to sleep
Me: do you want to read a story
Brooke: (while running to her room) NOOO

I get up and go in there

Me: where is Scout?
Brooke: I can't find her
Me: is she in your bed?
Brooke: no just my animals.

Story time

In an effort to help socialize my girls make friends I attended my first library story time at the Rockwall library last week. Brooke's age group meets Monday and Wednesday she LOVED it! Although Mckenna is just happy to be along for the ride, her class is on Tuesdays. I think she liked singing with mom. It is important for each of the girls to have alone time with mommy. (Luckily my friend Amy can watch Brooklyn during Kenna's class)

3/19 Teriffic Twos class

3/20 Baby Bounce

We made it back for a second week! I love watching Brooklyn learn new songs and dances, and she loves all the stories. It looks like trips to the library story time will become a weekly thing from now on!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A day with the Zercher family.

On Monday Kevin had the day off, he and Brooklyn slept in until 11! McKenna woke up at 7am so we spent the morning together.

Tummy Time

After Kevin and Brooke got up we had lunch at chili's and went to see The Lorax. It was so good Brooklyn loved it and McKenna was very content during the entire movie.

This girl loves her veggies! She even asked for a salad.

At the movies.

Our first family photo!

After we got home Brooke changed in to some play cloths and we went outside to jump in some puddles while Kevin made dinner and McKenna napped.

After dinner Kevin gave Brooke a bath and put her to bed, during this time Kenna enjoyed some tummy time before her bath.

Notice her new outfit? McKenna spits up after eating which makes for many many outfit changes, right now I'm still having fun dressing her up, however the laundry adds up.

Munching on a banana

Both girls go to bed a 9pm.

Good Morning

It has been six weeks since I have been able to sleep past 9am, I've adjusted better than I thought I would, most mornings I get up before the girls. Not knowing what to do with my new found free time, I get board really quickly, meaning at exactly 10 am I wake them up. Crazy I know!

 Luckily for me McKenna is a morning person and usually greets me with smiles....


Morning stretches

Brooklyn However is not a morning person.


After sitting up today, Brooke goes; I'm sleeping mommy!

Then she went back to sleep, HA!

Since Brooklyn refused to get up Kenna and I got dressed and enjoyed some alone time. She stayed up for an hour looking and smiling at me :) It was great entertainment for me.

She is getting more and more facial expressions,  here are a few she showed off during our morning together.

Sticking her tongue out...


Eyebrows up...

 Getting tired...

 And shes out for a morning nap.