Friday, February 24, 2012

Tummy Time

Monday we started tummy time with McKenna. I read that if you wait to long before starting tummy time babies can get frustrated and annoyed by it. McKenna Loves tummy time so far. She will stay awake looking around for an hour (or longer!) before falls asleep for a nap on her belly (with her knees tucked under her belly and her butt way up in the air, just like Brooklyn sleeps!)

Holding onto small toys at three weeks old.

Big sister Brooklyn helping out.
 McKenna holding her head up at three weeks. She amazes me with all the things she can do already, as little as they may seem.

Whenever McKenna is awake and up for "playing" Brooklyn is never far away. Brooklyn is really enjoying showing things to and playing with McKenna. When Kenna cries Brooke will tell me " baby Kenna needs her bottle" or Brooke will put Kenna's pacifier back in her mouth.

Brooklyn put "bracelets" on McKenna

Funny Faces!!!!

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