Sunday, February 12, 2012

Meeting McKenna

One of the good and bad things about not delivering your baby in the hospital is that you  can control how many people are around your little one at a time. However it can be hard to track down and take a picture of everyone. Slowly I have gathered a few pictures of everyone meeting miss Mckenna, as I get more ill just have to add them later.
McKenna and...

Big sister Brooklyn

Meme April

Papa Tom

Nana Kathy

Papa Mike 

Uncle Jake 

Aunt Katie

Great Papa Charlie

Great Grandma Stella 

Great Great Mamaw Kathryn 

Aunt Jennifer

Uncle Josh

Uncle Woodrow
(he had been up all night working on his truck, hopfully I will get a better picture next time he is in TX)

(2nd cousin Lanie)

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