Sunday, January 22, 2012

38 weeks/ Zoo Trip

Today we went to the Dallas zoo. It was a last chance for us to take Brooke out before Kenna comes, and a chance for me to do some walking.
The week I turned 38 weeks with Brooklyn we went to the zoo in attempts of convincing her to come, five days later she was born. Actually my last picture pregnant with her was at the Dallas Zoo  38 weeks pregnant! I thought it would be cute to compare the two pregnancies.
38 weeks
 (Brooklyn 2009)                                    (McKenna 2012)
This time around I gained a lot less weight and the way each girl is actually resting in my belly is completely different! Brooklyn sat Horizontally and more towards my back. McKenna likes to lay straight out and more vertical.

Like always Brooklyn loved the zoo and this time we even road the "train." we only got to see half the zoo because of a late start but the weather was PERFECT.

 Riding the elephant

Posing for a picture! She can be such a little DIVA. ha ha.

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