Tuesday, January 10, 2012

36 weeks

36 Weeks

* Its getting harder and harder to bend over, and when I do I can feel her get all scrunched up in my belly

* Any time I stand up I feel tons of pressure from her moving down.

* Craving; EGGS, chili, potatoes, chocolate milk, and trail mix!!

* I also started getting eczema patches on my arms and ears... So itchy!

* My belly is measuring at 47inches

* I have swollen hands and feet when I wake up in the morning

*At my 34 week appointment we found out that McKenna was in the posterior position and we have been seeing a chiropractor to help turn her. At my appointment today she was locked in the correct position meaning she should not move! :)

*At my appointment today, I was 4cm dilated and baby was at 0 station and 50% effaced!!! Its great to know something is going on. (even though I know I could be like this for weeks)

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