Friday, December 9, 2011

Looking more and more like Christmas

  With Brooke getting older and baby McKenna on the way its more important to me than ever to create memories! Something I loved growing up is Christmas decorations, and my nanny would go crazy decorating her house, something about all the decorations makes it feel so much more cozy.

My fireplace
I LOVE it!!

Our tree after I redecorated twice..yes... twice and its still not perfect
 (I must have more of my grandma in me than I thought ha!)

Brooke has also been busy helping me decorate and playing around.
Playing in shaving cream.

Studying at TWU with Aunt Katie.

Playing at Nana's.

Helping me practice making cookies for Santa.
Cracking the eggs is always her favorite part :)

Helping mom make apple chips!

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