Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Unfortunately the Zerchers got sick the Thursday before Christmas and stayed sick through Christmas. We attended what Christmas party's that we could and slept the rest of our Kevin's Christmas break away. while I had many plans of things to do, to make memories, it was really nice spending days in bed watching movies with the people I love most!

Christmas Eve with my mom

Brooke and Katie

MY BROTHER!!! I hadn't seen him in over a year having
 him home and alive was the best gift!


Christmas morning at our house.
 I took a lot of convincing to get Brooke to open her gifts let alone get excited about them.

Christmas day with Kevin's Family.
By early afternoon Brooke had some time to; wake up, take some medicine, and eat. so she was in a much better mood the rest of the day. Also she had some distraction playing with Eli.

Eli helping put his truck together.

Brooke helping pass out gifts (obviously feeling better)
she even helped open other peoples gifts.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

McKenna's arrival date guesses

Just like we did with Brooklyn, we have started taking down guesses on what day we think McKenna be born! At 34w2d, I have 6 weeks until my due date February 5th.  6 weeks seems so far away but time has been flying, Hopefully it will continue.

So far the guesses are;

Crystal: January 28th
Me: January 31st (fingers crossed)
Jasmine: Febuary 2nd
Meme: Febuary 5th
Katie: Febuary 6th
Brooklyn: Febuary 7th
Nana: Febuary 8th
Papa Mike: Febuary 14th
Kevin: Febuary 16th

Friday, December 9, 2011


On the 30th of  November we left for our trip to Kansas, Its always easier to drive while Brooke is sleeping (less bathroom stops that way) so we didn't make it until 6am on the 1st.

Brooke was all smiles even after a 8+ hour drive

Helping with her own luggage (after mom and dads "nap")

 We slept for a few hours, then went driving around looking at the towns and houses Kevin's mom lived. We even stopped at the Antioch park where we stretched our legs, played, and feed the ducks.

The cute mini town they had set up behind the park.

She had spotted the ducks!!

Feeding/ watching the ducks.

The rest of the time we visited with friend, drove to see lights and lounged around our hotel. Mostly Kevin and I got some MUCH needed rest!

Kevin and Greg's grandaughter Ava (watching her and Brooke play made me feel so lucky that I'm having a little girl and Brooke will have a sister to play with!!!)

Watching a Christmas lights display.

Looking more and more like Christmas

  With Brooke getting older and baby McKenna on the way its more important to me than ever to create memories! Something I loved growing up is Christmas decorations, and my nanny would go crazy decorating her house, something about all the decorations makes it feel so much more cozy.

My fireplace
I LOVE it!!

Our tree after I redecorated twice..yes... twice and its still not perfect
 (I must have more of my grandma in me than I thought ha!)

Brooke has also been busy helping me decorate and playing around.
Playing in shaving cream.

Studying at TWU with Aunt Katie.

Playing at Nana's.

Helping me practice making cookies for Santa.
Cracking the eggs is always her favorite part :)

Helping mom make apple chips!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


31 weeks
  • I can no longer have anything to eat or drink without getting acid reflex.
  • Starting last week I have been getting braxton hicks contractions almost everyday (working out makes them worse, so no more of that)
  • Leg cramps are a nightly occurrence.
  • I'm craving; MILK, water, and Barbecue.
  • I have to eat small meals or I feel sick, however I am hungry ALL the time!!
  • I still love feeling Kenna move around!
  • I am also starting to swell.