Tuesday, November 8, 2011

27 weeks

27 Weeks
(no make up and in my house/ everyday cloths)

My belly button has popped!

According to some books I am now in the 3rd trimester!! woah where did it go?

  • acid reflux! I can no longer drink or eat 30minuets before I lay down for bed or else I'm up for an hour in pain....I really feel for the babies that have to go through this!!
  • Exercise is getting harder; my routine has been cut to;
    •  One walk instead of two a day
    •  I can do my third trimester workout video but I only do it on; Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays
    •  I also do a 30 minuet yoga prenatal stretch every day. I'm hoping ill be able to keep this up until she is born.
  • I'm craving super spicy foods, apples, juice, and candy just in time for Halloween.
  • I feel her move all the time, she moves more often than not!!!
  • My belly button has popped out.( never made it that far with Brooke) my belly button skin burns but I'm guessing that is  because its stretching.

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