Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

As crazy as it sounds this is Brooklyn's 3rd  Halloween, WOW!

Trick-or-Treating on Sunday night at Memes house.
 Our cute little Bumblebee.

On Monday Brooke wore her " back up costume" AKA The one she liked the most no matter how much mom played up the Bumblebee. She was the best looking Dorthy EVER! We went over to trick-or-treat with Kathy, Jennifer, Josh and Eli.

Brooke and Eli with Nana.

Eli and Kevin after a long night of trick-or-treating

Brooke was so great this year! She was even able to go up to the "scary" house that frightened her last year. At some houses she would even say trick-or-treat and thank you.

Taking only one piece of candy!

since this is the first year Brooke was actually able to actively trick-or-treat, she didn't have the dos and don'ts down yet example:
  • At one house after knocking Brooke just tried to open the door and walk in
  • At another house (with a door with a glass window) she stuck her face up to the glass and watched them walk to the door...Then asked for MORE candy after they had already given her some! HA

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