Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

As crazy as it sounds this is Brooklyn's 3rd  Halloween, WOW!

Trick-or-Treating on Sunday night at Memes house.
 Our cute little Bumblebee.

On Monday Brooke wore her " back up costume" AKA The one she liked the most no matter how much mom played up the Bumblebee. She was the best looking Dorthy EVER! We went over to trick-or-treat with Kathy, Jennifer, Josh and Eli.

Brooke and Eli with Nana.

Eli and Kevin after a long night of trick-or-treating

Brooke was so great this year! She was even able to go up to the "scary" house that frightened her last year. At some houses she would even say trick-or-treat and thank you.

Taking only one piece of candy!

since this is the first year Brooke was actually able to actively trick-or-treat, she didn't have the dos and don'ts down yet example:
  • At one house after knocking Brooke just tried to open the door and walk in
  • At another house (with a door with a glass window) she stuck her face up to the glass and watched them walk to the door...Then asked for MORE candy after they had already given her some! HA

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

3D/4D sonogram 25 weeks

On 10/27/11 Brooke and I went to the La Bella Belly spa in Rockwall for our first of two sonograms. McKenna was her normal busy bouncy self, with that and the fact that she had her hands over her face made for a very interesting sonogram. when we could catch a glimpse of her face it was amazing to see how much she looked like Brooke!


Here is a profile of little kenna

Hands and Feet

My sleeping baby girl, in another shot she had one hand tucked behind her head and one hand under her chin just like I do. I cant wait to meet her and see what kind of little girl she becomes.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin patch 2011

Its hard to believe that this is the last year Brooke will do her yearly pumpkins patch pictures alone! I can't wait for my girls pictures next year and I already have ideas for pictures!

 This year we also went to a pumpkin patch, Brooke loved the petting zoo, Pony riding, and hay rides. Next year I do want to go to a bigger pumpkin patch but this one had a wonderful fall feeling.

24 weeks

cravings: super spicy hot wings, mashed potatoes, Barbecue, mac and cheese and Ice

I can now really feel her rolling around everyday and as the days pass you can see it better and better. I have some swelling at the end of the day but its not getting to bad yet.

Nancy Newcomb

My Nanny passed away. Luckily I was able to spend her last days with her and all of my family. While a sad time for family their were some rays of happiness with; talking about memories, telling jokes, the Aubrey peanut festival, and the biggest KEVIN'S newish job....he now works 30min from home not an hour and a half.

I will miss my nanny so much and the idea that she will not be there to see McKenna still hurts but as the days go by everything gets a little better!

My cousin and sister!

At the peanut festival

making everyone smile with her poses.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Family Pictures

In May Kevin surprised me with a family photo shoot for mothers day! little did I know this would be the last family photo shoot with out family of three....I can't wait for our family pictures next year with all four of us!!! while I waited very impatiently for our pictures to come in, I found out we were expecting baby number two and posting these family pictures flew to the bottom of my to do list.

I finally have the time to upload and to really enjoy them!

It was hard but with the little cooperation we did get from Brooke, we did end up with great family shots!

Brooke always does her best when the spot light is all on her, or she is distracted by some friendly co-stars.

With some help from mom, dad, or any other family member (or animal) we can usually get a few good one on one shots.

Dallas Science museum

Back in July Kathy, Jennifer, and I took Brooke and Eli to the science museum in Dallas. The kids had so much fun and its the kind of place that we can continue to come back and the kids will be able to enjoy and grow with it. Even months later Brooklyn is still talking about the Dinosaur display!

The moment we came down stairs the first thing we saw was the fire truck! Brooklyn being the girl she is took the chance to play dress up. Eli was a great sport wearing a fireman's hat for a quick picture.

 Next we played in the water room. For the most part it was empty and both Brooke and Eli were able to really enjoy playing in the water.

In the farm room Eli and Brooklyn spent their time collecting eggs, planting seeds, shopping for food, and riding on tractors.

 The last room we played in downstairs (and the most fun) was the bug/ smaller children's play room. on the larger side Brooke checked out the snakes and other bugs, and on the smaller side Eli was able to get down and show off his climbing, standing and scooting skills! :)

 Brooke and Nana Kathy playing on the lagoon.

 Brooke learning how to make BIG Bubbles

 Probably Brooklyn's favorite display of the day. The anti-gravity section. We spent more than our share of time on this one. It took Brooklyn a few tries to figure this one out and also to find that you can not get two balls to "fly" at once.

 These next two pictures describe the funniest moment of the day!
Brooklyn was experimenting with the hole at the top of the cone and just how close she could get the ball, when she accidentally pushed the ball in. In a movie like moment she bent down to look in the hole and..

 Pop the ball came flying out! Brooklyn immediately started in with her deep down, once you start, you cant stop laughing, that had Kathy and I cracking up!

 Digging up bones with mommy.