Monday, September 12, 2011

19 weeks

I had my 18 week scan on Saturday. I thought it would be just normal measuring of the baby and me getting to see  him  her!!! yep, we are NOT having a boy we are having a healthy baby girl!! We are so happy, and I'm loving the idea that Brooklyn will have a little SISTER!

At our scan McKenna was measuring 8 weeks 4 days, that a little small but not any thing to be worried about. She was moving around like crazy, the ultrasound tech could hardly catch her for a picture. luckily they recorded a DVD for us to take home and watch. ( I have already watched and re watched it over and over)

While Kevin has felt McKenna move from the outside, until today I had not, (I feel her but can't catch her on the outside) Today Brooke and I were reading in bed and I felt some kicks after a few in the same spot I was able to feel her on the outside! Brooklyn also felt her. This lasted about 20 min.

This week I have also been able to feel her ,when I press my stomach, then feel her move away from the pressure. Also last night I quickly shifted to a different position and felt her move from my left side to the right.

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