Thursday, September 1, 2011

17 Weeks Pregnant

In the last two weeks my belly has done a lot of growing. I am able to wear some of my pre-pregnancy pants and most of my shirts. I'm really trying to push buying new maternity cloths until the weather changes, or hopefully I will fit into my old maternity cloths that are still way to big. 

I'm still craving really salty/spicy foods, Almost everyday I eat some type of Mexican food and several pickles. I think that all the salt (and the heat) have made me swell just a little.
 In the last week I have been really enjoying  those Drumstick ice cream cones! 
Starting at around 9pm EVERY NIGHT I have extreme thirst drinking at lease four glasses of ice water, which in turn means I'm up all night going to the bathroom and drinking even more water.

At my Midwife appointment on Tuesday I had gained 2 pounds, meaning I'm up a total of  9 pounds. Our baby boy was doing great he is still measuring one week ahead and his heart was beating away at 147 bpm, Tina said that he was probably sleeping, the heartbeat drops a little when the baby is sleeping. I can't wait until my next sonogram (next week) to see our little man and get pictures of him!!

 I have lower back pain when I wake up, I think its from my hips spreading.  I also feel it towards the end of my morning and evening walks.  I already feel myself. and Kevin has pointed out,
 that I'm starting to "waddle" because he is so low!
I have been feeling him kick a lot more and Kevin swears up and down that he felt little J move also. I'm still listening to baby J at night and still loving it!

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