Tuesday, August 16, 2011


  last week I had an accident that caused a blow to my stomach. I didn't think much of it until I started bleeding and cramping, still I decided I could wait out the weekend and make an appointment with my midwife on Monday. Throughout Friday and Saturday the cramping worsened and I decided it would be best to go to the ER. I was in Caddo mills with a friend, so we opted to go to the ER out there, instead of driving back to Rockwall (BIG MISTAKE)

  We checked in at the Commerce hospital thinking we would get in and out faster then at Greenville. While we did get in faster, Amber and I quickly realized they did not have the appropriate equipment.

  The first nurse came in with her heart rate monitor, which was ancient compared to the one I had at home, searched for about fifteen minuets and told me that she couldn't find a heartbeat. She left to go get a different doctor who I assume knew more than her about babies. The new doctor came in pulled out a stethoscope (yes stethoscope) and proceeded to look for a heartbeat, she didn't find one either, she then  told me my baby must be Dead and to expect my body to miscarry in the next few days.

  I asked if I should go to a hospital where they could do a sonogram just to see and I was told that that would be a waist of my time. She then told me that miscarrying this early was a great thing because obviously something was really wrong with the baby and who really wants a baby with something that wrong? (I am not joking I wanted to get up and walk out right then)

  I called a few family members to tell them the news and went home, devastated, and waited to lose my baby.

 on Sunday Brooke asked me to hear the baby and refused to believe that there was no baby in Mommy's tummy anymore, so i pulled out MY Doppler just to let her hear mine......IMMEDIATELY the baby's heartbeat pulled up 164, THE BEST SOUND EVER!!!!!! I sent a text to my midwife, who set me up an appointment first thing to have a sonogram (to see what was really going on)

  Monday morning I went in to Tina's office, she pulled out the sonogram machine.... not only did we hear a strong heartbeat, we saw a wiggling, finger sucking, kicking, all round amazing, obviously not dead, HEALTHY BABY. She also told me that the was about 80% sure it was a boy (we have another sonogram scheduled in two weeks to confirm  it 100%)

  Just to know that my baby was alive was one of the best feelings in the world but after all this I have realized that if their was something wrong with my little boy I would still want and love him!!!!!

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