Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baby update

Goodbye first trimester, morning sickness, and being so tired....hello second trimester!

Starting At 10 weeks I began to listen to the baby's heartbeat before bed, I love it! It also gives me time to bond with the baby. The heartbeat sits at 162-173.

Also at 10 weeks I started to notice my cloths were getting a little tighter and I had to bust out a few of my smaller maternity cloths. Now I'm enjoying being much more comfortable.

I felt the baby move! (at 12 weeks and a few days) I forgot how enjoyable tiny pops in your belly can be and almost didn't think it was kicks but after a few more times over the week I KNOW it's the baby.

I had a midwife appointment and I've gained 7 pounds but I'm still sitting at 15lbs less than I was at 9 weeks with Brooke. Maybe this means the baby will be smaller, because I feel like I'm hungry/eating a lot more than with Brooke, right now food is my best friend, haha

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