Tuesday, June 21, 2011

7 Weeks pregnant

week 7 has been a very eventful week! After my first internal sonogram , at 5weeks 3days, where we found two sacs (one baby had developed a fetal pole the other seemed not to be developing at all) Kevin and I agreed it would be best if we saw an OBGYN and forgo the whole a home birth process. so fast forward to today... I had my first visit with my new doctor, It went better than I had planned!

We  had another internal sonogram to check on the babies (baby)  ,the extra sack was gone, but we have one healthy 7week 2day growing baby, we knew that this would probably happen since the other baby/sack had shown no signs of developing. This is called vanishing twin syndrome where the other "baby" is absorbed in to the body...however I don't know if I really qualify since we would never had known about the "twin" had I not begged for a sonogram so early.

Also since it was an internal sonogram we got to hear the Heartbeat!! Brooke was so sweet and kept saying "my baby, that's my baby" And at that moment it all became so real that we are going to be a family of FOUR!

A few symptoms that I'm having this week;
  • Morning sickness, I feel like everyday I discover something new that either has me gagging or running to the bathroom to throw up. (I never had anything more than nauseousness with Brooke)
A few things I cant see or smell at this point;
  1. HOT DOGS!
  2. cheese
  3. chunky yogurt
  4. Anything carbonated
  5. DOGS!!
  • Fatigue, luckily Brooke still naps, so I can, otherwise I don't think I would make it through the day.
  • bloating, with my morning sickness I've actually lost weight but because of the bloating my jeans are already tight (I had to bring out the belly band!) HA HA
 Brooke and Baby
 6 Weeks (the size of a pea)

7 Weeks (the size of a blueberry)

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