Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dallas Zoo Trip

The last time I was at the Dallas zoo, I was 38 weeks pregnant with Brooklyn (a little over two years ago) In those two years they have made a lot of changes... It definitely means I will be saving gas, sense we wont have to drive to the Fort Worth zoo.
 On Wednesday Danielle and I loaded up our kids (and Emma) and surprised them with a trip to the zoo. The girls had so much fun looking at the animals, riding the camel, and feeding the giraffes. Danielle and I are hoping to have a lot more Field trips with our girls this summer, they are all at such a fun age and are able to really enjoy these trips.

The Girls: Emma, Hannah, Madison, and Brooklyn.

Pointing out and naming all the animals.

Danielle and her girls riding the camel.

Brooklyn and I on the camel.

Madison feeding the giraffes. 
 Brooklyn feeding the giraffes. She was not even afraid of them and has been talking about the camel and giraffes all week :)

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