Saturday, May 21, 2011


This year for vacation Kevin, Brooklyn and I went to Broken bow Oklahoma. This is state number two on our family goal of vacationing together in all 50 states. (Last year we stayed in TX)

Kevin had almost an entire week off, So we took the opportunity to rent a little cabin on the lake. It was so relaxing and beautiful. The first few days were busy with activities and sight seeing, but we took the end of our trip to just sit back and enjoy family time.

From the moment we got there Brooke was nonstop running around, pointing out things and asking tons of questions about what things were or what they did. Kevin and I loved taking the time to explain everything to her... when you have a two year old you have no option but to slow down and really take in everything, because that all they want to do!

We arrived around 5pm, So we took the night to grill hot dogs and explore our camp grounds and cabin.
Looking a little tired after our three hour drive.

 Brooke running around enjoying all the space.

 Helping daddy cook hot dogs.

 Trying to light a fire.. ha ha.

Brooke and I spent at least and hour in which she brought me everything she could find and asking
 " What that mommy" or " look ewe gross" even "eat mommy eat"

Later in the week we decided that it would be really fun to go on a hike and enjoy some nature. We looked up some trials on our map and off we went, little did we know that the "short" trail we had selected would end up being a five mile walk. ha ha. The trail winded up through the mountains and beavers bend lake. It was so worth the tired feet and sore legs,  Brooke loved seeing numerous deer, birds, fish, random flowers, and even an owl.
 The start of our hike.

 About half way Brooke decided she was to tired to walk, bless her heart she gave it a good shot, and Kevin and I got extra exercise carrying 30 extra pounds up the mountains.

We decided that the lake was a good place to stop and relax a bit before finishing out our hike.

Our view from the top and the end of our hike!!! YAY we all made it!!

Making smores

Before dinner at Abendigos
(according to the "locals" its the best steak in Oklahoma)

Here are a few pictures of what we got to enjoy for the week!
 Start of Beavers bend trail.

The Lake.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dallas Zoo Trip

The last time I was at the Dallas zoo, I was 38 weeks pregnant with Brooklyn (a little over two years ago) In those two years they have made a lot of changes... It definitely means I will be saving gas, sense we wont have to drive to the Fort Worth zoo.
 On Wednesday Danielle and I loaded up our kids (and Emma) and surprised them with a trip to the zoo. The girls had so much fun looking at the animals, riding the camel, and feeding the giraffes. Danielle and I are hoping to have a lot more Field trips with our girls this summer, they are all at such a fun age and are able to really enjoy these trips.

The Girls: Emma, Hannah, Madison, and Brooklyn.

Pointing out and naming all the animals.

Danielle and her girls riding the camel.

Brooklyn and I on the camel.

Madison feeding the giraffes. 
 Brooklyn feeding the giraffes. She was not even afraid of them and has been talking about the camel and giraffes all week :)

Mothers day weekend

Mothers day weekend started off with Brooke and I making our traditional hand made cards. Brooklyn was a lot of help this year picking out the papers and stickers for each card, and we enjoyed spending the time doing crafts together.
Then on Saturday Brooke and I drove to Denton to help my sister get ready for her senior prom, she will be graduating soon and I am so proud of her! Katie I know you will be great at whatever you decide to do.
Sunday (on my 3rd mothers day) we went to church with my mom, grandma, great grandma and the rest of my family. Later Kevin treated me to lunch and a mini shopping trip. That night we had dinner with Kevin's family. Our mothers day was a very busy day but it turned out just how I had hoped it would.

Making Mothers day cards

I love my sister!!

Brooklyn posing with her aunt Katie.

Mothers day at Nena's house

Eli and Brooklyn... It's so nice to watch them playing and laughing together, I can tell Brooke really loves to see him.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

operation big girl room (complete)

Finally we have everything done. (for the most part) I really loved how the room turned out, I just think its missing something...maybe not.

I think I still want to get a small bookshelf, to put under her name.

Further prof that I need a bookshelf.

These pictures really don't do the room any justice. I think its the flash making all the colors look a little off.