Thursday, April 21, 2011

Family pictures

I was debating putting these up or even talking about them because its really hard for me but they are important...

   Last year in march my nanny, mom, sister, Brooklyn and I had our four generation pictures done. We had the pictures done as something fun to look back on...little did we know just six months later my nanny would be diagnosed with stage four cancer and given six months to live.
  We immediately knew we wanted to have family pictures done, since we don't have any photos of all of us together. My brother came home for two weeks in February ( before being shipped to Afghanistan for two years) and we took advantage of the fact that everyone was home.
   We are now on month five of my grandmas original six month diagnosis but, not without some bumps along the way, my grandma is doing well. Shes still weak and that's hard but she is still with us! I really have cherished these last months and will Cherish these photos forever.

I will get the disk of all the pictures on Saturday, Here is what I have now. I love that Lewis's car is in the background, its kinda like he is with us too.

My Nanny and I

The McDowell/ Fairman family

Brothers and sister

The  family

Kevin, Brooke and I with the Nova


I love this picture, it really shows off my family's personality!

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