Friday, April 29, 2011

Brooklyn's First Sleepover

On Friday Hannah and Madison came over for a little sleep over. It was so fun having a house full of little girls! After the girls got here and ate dinner they played (destroyed) and colored in Brooke's play room for a good hour.

Playing in the playroom.

 Brooke and Madison coloring

Before we knew it, it was already time for bath, story, bed. ( Brooklyn's nightly bedtime ritual) Almost every time the girls come over we end up in bed reading. With Brooklyn and Madison asking for "ONE MORE BOOK" story time lasted a good 45 minuets longer than it should have ;) Finally it was time for bed, and oh man was I tired by then!

Ready to read!!
 I think this picture of Brooke and Hannah giving each other the, what the heck are you doing here look, is so funny

Saturday morning the girls woke up bright and early, had breakfast , Then some how convinced me to take them to the park. So I got them dressed, it took and hour to actually leave the house, snapped a quick picture then headed to the park.

Hurry take a picture so we can go!

 Holding hands.

At the park I was a little to busy chasing around three toddlers to take anymore pictures, I did however learn to push three kids on three different swings at the same time. * Here is a hint; it involves lots of running ;)

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