Monday, April 18, 2011

Brooklyns 2nd birthday party

On Sunday we spent the day getting ready and celebrating Brookes 2nd birthday...

 Our day started off with Brooke's friends Madison and Hannah coming over to play and get ready with Brooke.

  Right before the party started we quickly snapped a family picture... it ended up being the only picture of all three of us that day.

 The ice cream cone cup cakes, that Brooklyn and her Nana made.

With the help of her friends Brooke opened all of her gifts, Then the kids changed into their swim suits and off to the pool they went!

The kids swimming. Look at  little Eli watching everyone, next year he will get to join in.

Landen, The only toddler boy at the party, is so silly. He had me laughing the whole time the kids were swimming.

Emma and Brooke splashing.

Kevin playing with the kids.

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