Friday, April 29, 2011

Brooklyn's First Sleepover

On Friday Hannah and Madison came over for a little sleep over. It was so fun having a house full of little girls! After the girls got here and ate dinner they played (destroyed) and colored in Brooke's play room for a good hour.

Playing in the playroom.

 Brooke and Madison coloring

Before we knew it, it was already time for bath, story, bed. ( Brooklyn's nightly bedtime ritual) Almost every time the girls come over we end up in bed reading. With Brooklyn and Madison asking for "ONE MORE BOOK" story time lasted a good 45 minuets longer than it should have ;) Finally it was time for bed, and oh man was I tired by then!

Ready to read!!
 I think this picture of Brooke and Hannah giving each other the, what the heck are you doing here look, is so funny

Saturday morning the girls woke up bright and early, had breakfast , Then some how convinced me to take them to the park. So I got them dressed, it took and hour to actually leave the house, snapped a quick picture then headed to the park.

Hurry take a picture so we can go!

 Holding hands.

At the park I was a little to busy chasing around three toddlers to take anymore pictures, I did however learn to push three kids on three different swings at the same time. * Here is a hint; it involves lots of running ;)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Brooklyn had a very busy Easter this year. This year was so much fun, last year Brooke wasn't able to walk let alone hunt for eggs. She loved gathering up eggs, so much so that I just kept hiding them. After all the Easter parties were over we headed to Brooke's Nana and papa's house for one last Easter egg hunt and dinner. Brooklyn was so tired after everything was done that we made it home, changed her cloths and put her to bed with out even waking her up. (after she had fallen asleep on the way home)

Brooklyn's 2011 Easter basket

 Kevin and Eli

Kathy, Tom, Brooke, and Eli

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Family pictures

I was debating putting these up or even talking about them because its really hard for me but they are important...

   Last year in march my nanny, mom, sister, Brooklyn and I had our four generation pictures done. We had the pictures done as something fun to look back on...little did we know just six months later my nanny would be diagnosed with stage four cancer and given six months to live.
  We immediately knew we wanted to have family pictures done, since we don't have any photos of all of us together. My brother came home for two weeks in February ( before being shipped to Afghanistan for two years) and we took advantage of the fact that everyone was home.
   We are now on month five of my grandmas original six month diagnosis but, not without some bumps along the way, my grandma is doing well. Shes still weak and that's hard but she is still with us! I really have cherished these last months and will Cherish these photos forever.

I will get the disk of all the pictures on Saturday, Here is what I have now. I love that Lewis's car is in the background, its kinda like he is with us too.

My Nanny and I

The McDowell/ Fairman family

Brothers and sister

The  family

Kevin, Brooke and I with the Nova


I love this picture, it really shows off my family's personality!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Brooklyn's 2nd Birthday!

Two years ago today at 9:01, after a TOTAL of two pushes I became a mother and my beautiful daughter came in to this world!

 At 24 months Brooklyn is;
  •  30.5 libs and 37inches tall.
Brooklyn can;
  • Kick and trow a ball
  • Drink from a big girl cup (no more sippy cups for us)
  • Completely potty trained, She doesn't even wear diapers to bed
  • takes off and puts on her own cloths
  • stack block towers of six blocks or more
  • jumps with both feet off the ground
  • draw a circle
  • uses pronouns ( I, me, you)
  • Knows and understands 200+ words
These are just a few of the things we were able to check off of our 24-36 month development chart :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Looking back

I love looking back on pictures of Brooklyn and seeing how much she has grown...

The day she was born. My perfect little blue eyed girl.

Brooklyn's 1st birthday.

Brooklyn's 2nd birthday!

Also look at how much out little family has changed in two years! It seems like it all has gone by so fast, but that we have been together forever. I couldn't imagine my life with out them.

Our first family picture!

 Brooklyn's first birthday. 2010

Brooklyn's second birthday. 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

Brooklyns 2nd birthday party

On Sunday we spent the day getting ready and celebrating Brookes 2nd birthday...

 Our day started off with Brooke's friends Madison and Hannah coming over to play and get ready with Brooke.

  Right before the party started we quickly snapped a family picture... it ended up being the only picture of all three of us that day.

 The ice cream cone cup cakes, that Brooklyn and her Nana made.

With the help of her friends Brooke opened all of her gifts, Then the kids changed into their swim suits and off to the pool they went!

The kids swimming. Look at  little Eli watching everyone, next year he will get to join in.

Landen, The only toddler boy at the party, is so silly. He had me laughing the whole time the kids were swimming.

Emma and Brooke splashing.

Kevin playing with the kids.

Friday, April 15, 2011

operation big girl room #2 (projects)

I have been spending the last few days finishing up the projects for Brooklyn's room. They turned out great, even better they were all done for FREE, since I used items from previous projects.

I started off with some old frames I had laying around...

Added scrapbook paper and now we have some wall art. 

Next on the list; a chair that belonged to my great grandma...

 Brooke and I pulled off all of the ugly green fabric and replaced it with the fabric from Brooke's old curtains.

 Brooklyn showing off all our hard work.

Last but not least; A old mirror that also used to belong to my great grandma (It broke in the move and I didn't have the heart to throw it away)

 I added fabric, wooden letters, and ribbon...

Now Brooke has a bow holder that can hold ALL her bows.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dog Wash

In an effort to get ready for the party this weekend Brooklyn and I washed the dogs.

The easy one first! He just sat there and let Brooke bathe him. Buddy will do almost anything for attention.

Joe "The hard one" Cant sit still he was to busy trying to get away to roll in the mud, requiring a second bath.

look at that face, lol, he is so done with this bath thing. haha