Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break

Last week was spring break for everyone in school. My sister came over and spent her break with us. While I spent the better half of the week in bed sick. Thanks again katie your the best!  Brooklyn had so much fun playing with her aunt Katie who quickly realized that they would be spending hours outside in the sun EVERY DAY.

For Brooklyn's first birthday Kevin and I bought her a sandbox, last summer it became a pool, finally on Monday we filled it with sand. Brooke loves her "new" sandbox. She spent THREE hours burring rocks and digging them back up again. Brooke also created a new game which involved dumping bucket loads of sand on the dogs, However Joe and Buddy didn't thinkthis game was as fun as Brooke did.

Tuesday afternoon; After playing with Katie in the sand box, Brooke began asking to "play water." seeing as how Brooke's pool is now a sand box we had to do some improvising... I thought using a storage container was pretty clever (one point for aunt katie)

Wednesday; Shortly after we got home from the park, Brooke started asking to play in the water. So again we had to improvise, this time using the lid to the sand box.( This weekend I will be getting her a pool ) Brooke loved scooping the water and pouring it, along with sand, into the dog bowls and telling the dogs to EAT! and they happily drank up the water/sand mixture. Yuck!

Thursday; I  filled up the storage container with bubbles, that entertained Brooke for umm about point two seconds...it was way more fun to dump entire bucketfuls of water on the dogs. Buddy was quick to run and hide but Joe seemed to love having water dumped on his head, he didn't even move, He was either to hot or to lazy!

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