Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Week, Texas Style

     On Tuesday (2/1/11) we woke up to a white sheet of ice and frozen water pipes. So Kevin, Brooke and I cuddled up and watched movies all day! with the temperature not rising above the low 20s, (all week) we knew this cold weather was here to stay.
   Wednesday morning we woke up without power! (thanks to the rolling blackouts) and Kevin had to go in to work so Brooke and I bundled up and were on our way to Kathy's house. We made an attempt to play in the ice but neither Brooklyn or I have quite developed our ice legs...and fell several times. Brooklyn was unfazed by the cold but I was done within 10 minuets.
    By Thursday I was tired of being couped up in the house ( without water), so little miss Brooke and I headed to the mall. We enjoyed shopping and lunch together. The roads were pretty iced over but luckily my years of mudding payed off (and the front wheel drive!) love my little ford! Almost anything you learn driving in the mud can be applied to driving on the ice!
  Friday was a whole new ballgame. We woke up to around four and a half inches of REAL snow. After breakfast I bundled Brooklyn up and we went out to play. Brooke liked ice but would rather not play in the snow. Later we went and picked up Danielle then headed over to Ambur's house, so Brooke could play with Emma. While at Ambur's we got a whole inch of snow...and now as I'm typing the snow has picked up again.
Here are a few pictures of Brooklyn and buddy playing in the snow.


 Looks like Kevin is going to have a snowy birthday and we are going to have a blast taking family pictures in the cold.

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