Monday, February 21, 2011

Stepping out Saturday

    We had a very busy Saturday our day started off bright and early with a trip to see my sister in Denton. Where I was lucky enough to be able to take some of her senior photos, she is so beautiful, and so fun.
    Around two Brooke and I headed over to Darcey's baby shower...and goodness that little man is spoiled! He should be just about set, now its time for him to make his appearance ( in a few weeks). Unfortunately in order to make it out to my Nanny's we had to leave early but it really was a beautiful shower.
   After visiting with my nanny for a few hours, Kevin and I dropped brooke off with her Mimi, so we could go out to dinner...which didn't last very long because I was missing my little girl. yes, I know shes almost two but I still hate to be away from her, plus she's been EXTRA cute lately.

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