Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Nana

On Sunday Kevin, Brooke and I went over to Jennifer and Josh's house to celebrate Kathy's birthday. We had a great dinner and a blast with family! After spending time with Jennifer's little man Eli, it's becoming more and more obvious that Brooke is no longer Mommy's little baby, but is now Mommy's little "big" girl. I love my little girl but can someone bring my cuddle loving, mommy needing baby back?

Brooklyn giving Eli kisses!

Mommy's little helper feeding Eli with Nana. This has to be my favorite picture ever, I LOVE HER!

The very first picture of all of us together!! cant believe it took almost three years.

Kevin, Jennifer, Kathy (mom) and the babies

 Kevin was such a baby hogger I didn't even get a chance to hold Eli. Kevin told me later that he loved holding Eli (duh who doesn't) and that he and Eli had a "bond" that he didn't expect. Ha Ha I love Kevin! He is already asking when he can see Eli again?!?! Guess that means he is looking forward to dinner with family (Eli) for Kevin's birthday.

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