Sunday, February 27, 2011

Diva Darling

  At 22 months Brooklyn is quickly becoming her own person! I thought she had a personality all her own but oh no this month she has turned in to a very funny, energetic, opinionated little girl!
  In the morning she will tell me what she wants to wear usually she wants "princess" (aka a dress), pick out a "pretty" (bow) then we will march in to Mommy's closet and pick out a necklace, brush our teeth,  and she wants to do her makeup " playing with Mommy's brushes" This is our everyday morning ritual!
   I have no idea where she got her "fashion sense" or love of makeup and hair bows since I  normally wear sweats, a t-shirt and my hair up. I love it anyway, I mean really could  she be any cuter? She is quite literally what I dreamed my daughter would be....Smart, happy, FUNNY and she loves nature all around my perfect little princess.

This month she has also started putting multiple sentences together and telling me when she is ready to go to bed, even before her bed time.

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