Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Big Girl

  A few days ago we decided it was about time to start introducing Brooke to the " big girl potty" (after she had stripped off all her cloths and attempted to use the potty by herself). On 2/5/11 she told me and used the potty every time she has needed to go to the bathroom. (two accidents)
   On Sunday she also did a great job of letting us know. We went over to Nana's to celebrate Kevin's birthday, I think she got a little exited with everything going on. she had one and a half accidents, half an accident would be starting to pee, realizing your peeing, stopping and finishing in the potty.
   On Monday 2/7/11 Brooklyn made it through her first full day without a diaper! Then today she not only went pee and poop, but made it through two car rides, a shopping trip and Nana's house. 

 I know this doesn't mean she is potty trained but it's a huge step in that direction! She is trying so hard and is doing a wonderful job! Our goal of being potty trained by 2 is more realistic than ever now.

Pictures from sunday (kevins 23 birthday)


Yep she is all daddy!

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