Sunday, February 27, 2011

Family weekend

   Luckily for us Kevin had this weekend off (we have been very fortunate these last couple weekends). We spent the morning and most of the day relaxing at home. After a VERY long nap we took Brooke to the Pier to look at the water fountains and ducks!

   On Sunday we made a trip up to Sherman to visit with my Nanny and little brother Woodrow ,who will be shipping off to Afghanistan in TWO weeks!!, Brooklyn loves Woodrow but has only seen him three times ever since he is stationed in California.

yes, I am the oldest and the shortest!

 We also added a new member to the JOE!
we love our Golden's!

Diva Darling

  At 22 months Brooklyn is quickly becoming her own person! I thought she had a personality all her own but oh no this month she has turned in to a very funny, energetic, opinionated little girl!
  In the morning she will tell me what she wants to wear usually she wants "princess" (aka a dress), pick out a "pretty" (bow) then we will march in to Mommy's closet and pick out a necklace, brush our teeth,  and she wants to do her makeup " playing with Mommy's brushes" This is our everyday morning ritual!
   I have no idea where she got her "fashion sense" or love of makeup and hair bows since I  normally wear sweats, a t-shirt and my hair up. I love it anyway, I mean really could  she be any cuter? She is quite literally what I dreamed my daughter would be....Smart, happy, FUNNY and she loves nature all around my perfect little princess.

This month she has also started putting multiple sentences together and telling me when she is ready to go to bed, even before her bed time.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Stepping out Saturday

    We had a very busy Saturday our day started off bright and early with a trip to see my sister in Denton. Where I was lucky enough to be able to take some of her senior photos, she is so beautiful, and so fun.
    Around two Brooke and I headed over to Darcey's baby shower...and goodness that little man is spoiled! He should be just about set, now its time for him to make his appearance ( in a few weeks). Unfortunately in order to make it out to my Nanny's we had to leave early but it really was a beautiful shower.
   After visiting with my nanny for a few hours, Kevin and I dropped brooke off with her Mimi, so we could go out to dinner...which didn't last very long because I was missing my little girl. yes, I know shes almost two but I still hate to be away from her, plus she's been EXTRA cute lately.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

Brooklyns 2nd Valentines Day (2011)

On The Farm

   We spent last weekend at my dads farm. While Brooke enjoyed playing with her aunt Jaycee, I got the chance to ride (something I hadn't done since I got pregnant with Brooke). I always love spending time with my dad but this time was extra special because Kevin got to spend the weekend with us too!! He had the ENTIRE week off last week. We all had a blast and are planning on going back in two weeks when my brother will be here, I haven't seen him in a year.
Brooklyn and her buddy Mr. Puff
My littlest sister Jaycee

   Brooke and Jaycee spent 90% of the time driving around on Jaycee's handy. (gator) They had so much fun getting stuck in the sand, and running in to trees, people and animals! We could hear their joyous screams from across the ears are still ringing.
Jaycee kept taking her hands off the wheel, then both girls would scream and laugh!!
  When the girls finally went down for a nap, I got some time to relax and ride. luckily for me Kevin pulled out the camera and got great pictures of me and Paintball.

*** Also it is official Brooklyn is potty trained, she made it from Friday- today (drives, naps, and bedtimes included) without any accidents! YAY for being potty trained at 21 months***

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Big Girl

  A few days ago we decided it was about time to start introducing Brooke to the " big girl potty" (after she had stripped off all her cloths and attempted to use the potty by herself). On 2/5/11 she told me and used the potty every time she has needed to go to the bathroom. (two accidents)
   On Sunday she also did a great job of letting us know. We went over to Nana's to celebrate Kevin's birthday, I think she got a little exited with everything going on. she had one and a half accidents, half an accident would be starting to pee, realizing your peeing, stopping and finishing in the potty.
   On Monday 2/7/11 Brooklyn made it through her first full day without a diaper! Then today she not only went pee and poop, but made it through two car rides, a shopping trip and Nana's house. 

 I know this doesn't mean she is potty trained but it's a huge step in that direction! She is trying so hard and is doing a wonderful job! Our goal of being potty trained by 2 is more realistic than ever now.

Pictures from sunday (kevins 23 birthday)


Yep she is all daddy!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Letting Go

   I guess you could say I'm lucky, I get time to say my goodbyes, I love yous and to prepare myself for the day my nanny passes. But also I get time to cry over how life will be and to turn into an emotional wreck when I cant get a hold of anyone.
   I now know for sure that my nanny knows how important she is to me and how much I love her. I have also been able to really Cherish all the time and phone conversations I get with her. Our relationship has always been really close but in this last couple of months we have really grown a much stronger bond. My heart breaks and my eyes fill up with tears every time I have to say good bye.
  Sometimes (even though I consider my self very blessed to have these last months) I find my self thinking about the negatives. Lately Kevin and I have been discussing when we would like to start trying for another baby...after almost every conversation I find myself crying, thinking that the next time my nanny wont be in the delivery room and she wont get to hold my newborn baby or give me helpful mommy tips. She tells me that she will always be with me, but I'm selfish and I want her HERE with me! I absolutely hate thinking about the future now, when I do I feel like a HUGE part of me will be missing.
  You would think all this would be a little easier over time but so far its just seems like a ticking clock and my time is running out...FAST. When ever I have to think about what she is going through the lump in my throat grows bigger and the burn of tears fill my eyes. I know my nanny is strong but really why must she endure daily radiation and monthly chemo treatments. What did this woman, who can find the good in everyone, do to deserve it somehow my fault?
   I would do anything to take her place, but for now all I can do is try my hardest to make her proud of me. I want to be the best I can be, so that in 4 months when she is looking down on me she will be just as happy that I'm her granddaughter as I am to say she is my grandmother.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Week, Texas Style

     On Tuesday (2/1/11) we woke up to a white sheet of ice and frozen water pipes. So Kevin, Brooke and I cuddled up and watched movies all day! with the temperature not rising above the low 20s, (all week) we knew this cold weather was here to stay.
   Wednesday morning we woke up without power! (thanks to the rolling blackouts) and Kevin had to go in to work so Brooke and I bundled up and were on our way to Kathy's house. We made an attempt to play in the ice but neither Brooklyn or I have quite developed our ice legs...and fell several times. Brooklyn was unfazed by the cold but I was done within 10 minuets.
    By Thursday I was tired of being couped up in the house ( without water), so little miss Brooke and I headed to the mall. We enjoyed shopping and lunch together. The roads were pretty iced over but luckily my years of mudding payed off (and the front wheel drive!) love my little ford! Almost anything you learn driving in the mud can be applied to driving on the ice!
  Friday was a whole new ballgame. We woke up to around four and a half inches of REAL snow. After breakfast I bundled Brooklyn up and we went out to play. Brooke liked ice but would rather not play in the snow. Later we went and picked up Danielle then headed over to Ambur's house, so Brooke could play with Emma. While at Ambur's we got a whole inch of snow...and now as I'm typing the snow has picked up again.
Here are a few pictures of Brooklyn and buddy playing in the snow.


 Looks like Kevin is going to have a snowy birthday and we are going to have a blast taking family pictures in the cold.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Nana

On Sunday Kevin, Brooke and I went over to Jennifer and Josh's house to celebrate Kathy's birthday. We had a great dinner and a blast with family! After spending time with Jennifer's little man Eli, it's becoming more and more obvious that Brooke is no longer Mommy's little baby, but is now Mommy's little "big" girl. I love my little girl but can someone bring my cuddle loving, mommy needing baby back?

Brooklyn giving Eli kisses!

Mommy's little helper feeding Eli with Nana. This has to be my favorite picture ever, I LOVE HER!

The very first picture of all of us together!! cant believe it took almost three years.

Kevin, Jennifer, Kathy (mom) and the babies

 Kevin was such a baby hogger I didn't even get a chance to hold Eli. Kevin told me later that he loved holding Eli (duh who doesn't) and that he and Eli had a "bond" that he didn't expect. Ha Ha I love Kevin! He is already asking when he can see Eli again?!?! Guess that means he is looking forward to dinner with family (Eli) for Kevin's birthday.