Friday, January 14, 2011

New Found blog love

I have no idea what it is but all of a sudden I have this need to blog EVERYTHING. My mind has been racing with blog ideas and I'm constantly finding myself thinking "I need to blog that." So be forewarned there will be LOTS of new blogs coming soon! Here are somethings Brooke did yesterday that had my rolling on the floor laughing. She does something everyday

For breakfast I gave Brooke a piece of raisin bread (along with her cereal)

Brooke, while picking out the raisins; Ewe gross
Me; no not gross yummy
Brooke, upon closer inspection of the raisin, You Eat!

later on Kevin passed gas.
Brooke, YOU POOP?

Also Brooke has formed a close bond with buddy, they follow each other everywhere, when she wants him to go on a walk she grabs him and walks him in circles around the house, she will do this for hours. Cant wait to she what she does today!

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