Saturday, January 1, 2011

Clean slate

Many people start off the new year with resolutions like; lose weight or quit smoking, but my resolution is to stay positive. I have had a rough year and at times I used that as an excuse to act in a way that I'm unhappy with. This year I want to put that all behind me and become the person I want to be and someone Brooke can look up to and be proud of. This year I will be a better person and when life gets hard I will look for a silver lining and continue to be positive.

On a lighter note Kevin, Brooke and I spent the first with family. Our day started with lunch with my family. We had a great time eating black-eyed peas and cabbage (which i love). We also helped take down Christmas decorations, then divided them up between the gandkids. My nanny asked us to do this so that next year and the years after she would be able to spend Christmas with all of us. Even though I don't want to think of a Christmas with out her I am really exited to put the ornaments on our tree next year.

Later that night we went over to Kevin's moms house for dinner. Brooklyn kept us all entertained with her random games. She really loved playing with her aunt Jenny and uncle Josh, for about half an hour or so she made Jennifer take a nap while she read to her.

While Brooklyn was preoccupied I took the chance to hold my nephew Eli for the first time! He is such a wonderful and happy baby. While holding him I couldn't help but find myself thinking about the future, with him and Brooklyn playing games and running around, and getting more exited. I am so thankful that Brooke has a cousin so close in age. Later on it turned out that Brooklyn only gets jealous when "her" Nana is holding Eli.

Like I do every year here is our 2011 first family picture, I'm starting to realize the older Brooke gets the harder it is to get a good picture of us all.

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