Sunday, January 23, 2011

21 months

In just THREE short months Brooklyn will be 2!! It really feels like she should be turning one. I feel like time is flying by and she will be ready to move out in no time. I am trying to make sure I take lots of pictures, videos and get lots of kisses and hugs!!

Brooklyn can;
* Read and recognize a few word. (Apple, dog, cat, and bird)
* Count to five. ( three in Spanish)
* She knows all her colors.
* Sing her alphabet A-L ( Brooklyn also knows and can say all her letters)
* She knows a few shapes. (and can draw a circle)
* Take off and put on her own cloths and shoes.(then go use the potty!!!)

Brooklyn is 34 1/2 inches tall, 29.6 pounds and she is in size 2T and 3T cloths.

Brooklyn loves reading, coloring ( and just about any craft project I can trow at her). In the last week she showed a new love for climbing on and jumping off or on the bed, couch, table....etc. She has also started to ask about people, when she sees a picture of them; Nana, Papa, Daddy and baby (aka Cuinn or Eli, but she calls him E-light). It goes something like; "Nana were are you?" 
Just yesterday she showed that she is starting to remember, either who's house we are at or that if she sees certain people, who else is supposed to be there.

we went over to Jennifer's house and she immediately knew Eli and Josh should be there. First she asked for them, then she started looking for them. haha. She also knows that when we are at Nana's house papa should be there too (and what room he is most likely to be in!) You can tell her to go to papa and she will run to his room.

Climbing on the table
Jumping off the rocks!
After hearing of a few moms having their children's developmental skills tested, I decided it was about time to find out if (or how far) Brooklyn was advanced for her age. Last week we got her results from the test. We found out that Brooklyn's cognitive skills were at a four year old level and that her motor skills are at a two/ three year old level. Needless to say she is more advanced than your average 21 month old!! Such a smarty.

This is very relieving to have confirmed. when I was pregnant with Brooklyn I thought for sure she would be needing the help of my sister-in-law (a speech and language pathologist) because of how behind I was growing up. However it looks like Brooklyn may have avoided my dyslexia and stutter. I couldn't be a happier or more proud mommy.


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