Monday, January 31, 2011

Stepping out saturday (Sunday)

Stepping out Saturday is something that many of my (stay at home) mommy friends do. It gives us the chance to get out of our "around the house" cloths and dress up a little. I took it a step further and made it a mommy and Brooklyn day, we go out to eat, that way she gets some bonding time and all my attention is on her. (during the week I watch other kids in my home)                                                

This Saturday Brooke and I got all dressed up and went out for Mexican, our favorite! Then we went and shopped a little :) Brooklyn loves shopping! However I wasn't able to get a picture, luckily we got a second opportunity to dress up on Sunday, for Kathy's (Nana) birthday! Here are some pictures from last night (lots more to come later!)
This sums up Brooklyn's picture taking mood....and that would be me singing  "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"(Thank you Mary Poppins!). I do this anytime she acts up and....

BAM! Brooklyn has been distracted long enough to have forgotten about what ever has made her so upset. Singing, stomping or clapping work great to distract fussy children. Other people love when I do this in public, I get lots of laughs. Ha Ha. As a mom I hardly ever get embarrassed anymore!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lost videos of brooklyn 11 weeks - 21 months

Around the end of last year Kevin's laptop gave out, and until recently all the videos i had before were lost. We finally got all of our old photos and videos off of it. Here are just a few videos to show Brooke's progress through the months.

11 Weeks

14 Weeks

4 Months (Eating)

4 Months (Jumping)

5 Months

6 Months

7 Months

8 Months

Christmas 2009

9 Months

After nine months I stopped being able to record, because we lost the charger to the camera. I know I'm full of excuses today lol but its all true. We got a new charger, so I hope this video of Brooke dancing at 21 months will make up for it all!

21 Months

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless (kinda) wednesday......Lots of pictures!!!
Brooklyn and buddy have become inseparable lately.

Brooke and her best (dog) friend!
When I get these looks, I know its time to put the camera away! haha

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stepping out Saturday

Stepping out Saturday....This Saturday Brooklyn, Kevin and I went to a birthday party in Denton for one of Brooklyn's friends Neveah. Then Kevin and I had a date night, while Brooklyn had a fun night with Nana.
Looks like I need to start tanning. Ha Ha

21 months

In just THREE short months Brooklyn will be 2!! It really feels like she should be turning one. I feel like time is flying by and she will be ready to move out in no time. I am trying to make sure I take lots of pictures, videos and get lots of kisses and hugs!!

Brooklyn can;
* Read and recognize a few word. (Apple, dog, cat, and bird)
* Count to five. ( three in Spanish)
* She knows all her colors.
* Sing her alphabet A-L ( Brooklyn also knows and can say all her letters)
* She knows a few shapes. (and can draw a circle)
* Take off and put on her own cloths and shoes.(then go use the potty!!!)

Brooklyn is 34 1/2 inches tall, 29.6 pounds and she is in size 2T and 3T cloths.

Brooklyn loves reading, coloring ( and just about any craft project I can trow at her). In the last week she showed a new love for climbing on and jumping off or on the bed, couch, table....etc. She has also started to ask about people, when she sees a picture of them; Nana, Papa, Daddy and baby (aka Cuinn or Eli, but she calls him E-light). It goes something like; "Nana were are you?" 
Just yesterday she showed that she is starting to remember, either who's house we are at or that if she sees certain people, who else is supposed to be there.

we went over to Jennifer's house and she immediately knew Eli and Josh should be there. First she asked for them, then she started looking for them. haha. She also knows that when we are at Nana's house papa should be there too (and what room he is most likely to be in!) You can tell her to go to papa and she will run to his room.

Climbing on the table
Jumping off the rocks!
After hearing of a few moms having their children's developmental skills tested, I decided it was about time to find out if (or how far) Brooklyn was advanced for her age. Last week we got her results from the test. We found out that Brooklyn's cognitive skills were at a four year old level and that her motor skills are at a two/ three year old level. Needless to say she is more advanced than your average 21 month old!! Such a smarty.

This is very relieving to have confirmed. when I was pregnant with Brooklyn I thought for sure she would be needing the help of my sister-in-law (a speech and language pathologist) because of how behind I was growing up. However it looks like Brooklyn may have avoided my dyslexia and stutter. I couldn't be a happier or more proud mommy.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sweet Dreams

I was up late (as usual) watching movies, when all of a sudden I felt that I must hold my baby feeling. As moms you all know the feeling, the one where you miss and love your baby so much, you just NEED to cuddle with them.

So at three in the morning I snatched up my pillow and blanket and crawled in to bed with Brooklyn. Keep in mind that; Brooklyn has NEVER slept in bed with us (She has been sleeping in her own room ,with no problems, since she was six weeks old) and SHE SLEEPS IN A TODDLER BED. You may be thinking I'm crazy, but one day I guarantee you will go into your toddlers room and you will want to cuddle with them. Saying that they grow up fast is an understatement.

Anyway I crammed myself in her bed and very happily fell asleep to the sound of her breathing. Something I haven't been able to do since Brooke moved to her own room, almost two years ago. I forgot how much I loved her little snore. I'm very lucky to have a hard sleeper who loves to cuddle.

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Found blog love

I have no idea what it is but all of a sudden I have this need to blog EVERYTHING. My mind has been racing with blog ideas and I'm constantly finding myself thinking "I need to blog that." So be forewarned there will be LOTS of new blogs coming soon! Here are somethings Brooke did yesterday that had my rolling on the floor laughing. She does something everyday

For breakfast I gave Brooke a piece of raisin bread (along with her cereal)

Brooke, while picking out the raisins; Ewe gross
Me; no not gross yummy
Brooke, upon closer inspection of the raisin, You Eat!

later on Kevin passed gas.
Brooke, YOU POOP?

Also Brooke has formed a close bond with buddy, they follow each other everywhere, when she wants him to go on a walk she grabs him and walks him in circles around the house, she will do this for hours. Cant wait to she what she does today!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Clean slate

Many people start off the new year with resolutions like; lose weight or quit smoking, but my resolution is to stay positive. I have had a rough year and at times I used that as an excuse to act in a way that I'm unhappy with. This year I want to put that all behind me and become the person I want to be and someone Brooke can look up to and be proud of. This year I will be a better person and when life gets hard I will look for a silver lining and continue to be positive.

On a lighter note Kevin, Brooke and I spent the first with family. Our day started with lunch with my family. We had a great time eating black-eyed peas and cabbage (which i love). We also helped take down Christmas decorations, then divided them up between the gandkids. My nanny asked us to do this so that next year and the years after she would be able to spend Christmas with all of us. Even though I don't want to think of a Christmas with out her I am really exited to put the ornaments on our tree next year.

Later that night we went over to Kevin's moms house for dinner. Brooklyn kept us all entertained with her random games. She really loved playing with her aunt Jenny and uncle Josh, for about half an hour or so she made Jennifer take a nap while she read to her.

While Brooklyn was preoccupied I took the chance to hold my nephew Eli for the first time! He is such a wonderful and happy baby. While holding him I couldn't help but find myself thinking about the future, with him and Brooklyn playing games and running around, and getting more exited. I am so thankful that Brooke has a cousin so close in age. Later on it turned out that Brooklyn only gets jealous when "her" Nana is holding Eli.

Like I do every year here is our 2011 first family picture, I'm starting to realize the older Brooke gets the harder it is to get a good picture of us all.