Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas tree 2010

One of our many Christmas family traditions; putting up the Christmas tree, on Thanksgiving night. This year was so much more fun because Brooklyn was able to help decorate the tree. She was so cute putting up an ornament then taking it down and moving it. After all the decorating was done, Kevin turned the lights on, we got tons of ohhhs and ahhhs from Brooke. She loved it and I loved watching Brooklyn having so much fun!

Since our tree was much bigger than last years, We didn't have enough ornaments to fill it, ha ha. I love it anyway!

Another one of our family traditions is getting Brooke her very own ornament every year. last year Kevin and I picked Brooke's ornament but this year she was able to pick her own! It was not exactly what I had pictured, but she was adamant that this was what she wanted and that we would not be leaving the store with any other ornament.

(Brooklyn's ornament 2010)

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