Sunday, December 26, 2010

Brooklyn 20 months

Someone please tell me when exactly did my baby turn in to a toddler? Brooke is 32 1/2 inches long and weighs 30 pounds. She has been in size 2 cloths for a few months but now some size 2 pants are to small!!

At 20 months Brooklyn can repeat anything you ask her to and she uses sentences!!! I love being able to ask her a question and get an answer ( she understands what we say) or ask her to do something simple and she will do it. She is also able to ask us for what she needs or wants.

(where is the elephant)

Another huge milestone is that she is able to sing her alphabet (well A-I) and she is also able to identify some of the letters!

She has also created many new games, most involve jumping on or off furniture, Or playing in moms make up and jewelry. (shes such a girlie girl) Brooklyn has such a huge imagination. Another thing she loves is to color, recently she discovered that her markers work anywhere.

Brooklyn's artwork.

Playing with her "makeup".

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