Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sick, Now thats a first!

Brooklyn is now 20 months old and until now she has not ever been sick ( other than allergy's and a one day cold). She woke up Saturday morning with a fever of 101.6 and was cranky all day (she had been a little fussy all week). We thought we would wait until Monday to make a doctors appointment but later in the day she threw up, and that was it for me, since it was Saturday we had to take her to the ER. about an hour later we had a prescription for a double ear infection and a sigh of relief it wasn't the flu. Brooke has been in a better mood today, she such a super trooper, but she is super cuddly and is not getting hardly any sleep.

On a more positive note; to be sick only once in 20 months I'd say is really good!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

brooklyn's busy weekend

Brooklyn and I had such a busy weekend. It all started Friday when Emma came over to play. Brooklyn loves her friend Emma, so much so that anytime she sees a little girl she yells "Emma"! Then Brooke and I took a two hour trip to visit Brooklyn's aunt Jaycee ( my 3 yr old sister) Brooke had a blast plying outside,seeing the horses and dressing up! She also had some time to get to know her gran dad and grandma , whom I was surprised to see that she opened up to really quickly...something Brooke does not do to often. After another 2 hour drive home, Kevin and I put up Brooklyn's new "to her" slide ( thank you Jaycee) ever since we finished setting up the slide we have not been able to keep that crazy little girl off of it!

BUDDY IS SUCH A GREAT DOG! He just sat there while the girls tried to ride him.

Brooklyn and Jaycee eating breakfast with her big girl fork. Jaycee showed her how to use it and ever since she has been using her utensils!! just like the big little girl she is :)

all dressed up like Tinkerbell, she loved dressing up...Brooklyn kept saying "pretty pretty" lol

Jaycee walking AL ca pony around (Brooke didn't like him much she only loved the Big horses)

Brooklyn and her grandad riding on the tractor, which she loved, since we all know how much she loves tractors lol


19 month words

Brooklyn is growing like a weed! She now can repeat anything I say and tell me what she wants...since her vocabulary has grown so much this last month I have decided not to update anymore words unless she says something really funny or incredible.
daddy does deserve some credit with Brooke's sudden spurt of new words, he has started reading to Brooklyn every night and about 200 times a day when she asks us to !!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

Later in the day we took brook on her first trip trick or treating, she enjoied it for the most part, their was just one house where she was frightened, other than that she was great. Brooke was so cute saying trick or treat but hopfully she will actually say it when someone answers the door next year. ha ha. Also I thought it was so cute that when she got candy she would say, thank you. (I'm such a proud mommy)

Here are a few pictures of brooklyn trick or treating at her very first house ever!
(Aunt Jennifer's)

Carving Pumpkins

For Halloween this year we spent the day enjoying family. After a relaxing morning and afternoon we took sometime to carve our pumpkins. This year Brooke was able to help. She enjoyed watching mom and dad pull the seeds out but did not really want anything to do with the dirty task, any time she was asked to help she simply replied; ewe or yuck. Brooklyn did however try pulling the seeds out later when she saw mommy doing it!

our pumpkins (2010) I think they turned out pretty cute.