Thursday, September 30, 2010

Brooklyn's 16th & 17th month update

Brooke has grown tremendously this last two months! I know I say that every month but it's true. This month she started to follow simple directions such as; put that in the trash and can mommy have that. She has also began talking in simple sentences; More cookie please. Brooklyn is doing a lot more exploring and trying new things. Just in the last week she has started climbing over the baby gates and on tables, rocks, benches really just about EVERYTHING. She is fearless. Also the little stinker learned to jump (it is so cute), Brooke jumps on the couch, bed and chairs. Since we have started staying with my nanny Brooke has been sleeping in her own toddler bed, she is doing a great job!
Brooklyn weighs 28 lbs and has EIGHT teeth!! Six on bottom and two on top.

since we have been staying at my nanny Brooke enjoys riding on the tractor (gator). she asks to ride it every day. She also loves to go see the horses and donkey. Really she just wants to be OUTSIDE exploring!!

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