Thursday, September 30, 2010

Brookes words 17 months

Brooke has been talking up a storm all though, when we get around a bunch of other people she is more shy when it comes to speech.Looks like she is going to be shy like mommy and daddy.

  1. Pickle
  2. Please
  3. Rock
  4. Look
  5. Douches
  6. Broken
  7. Me
  8. Potty
  9. Out
  10. Two
  11. Three
  12. Diaper
  13. Stinky
  14. Hunter
  15. Carrot
  16. Duck
  17. Dora
  18. Grape
  19. Treat
  20. Mimi
  21. Cheese
  22. Milk
  23. Yes
  24. step
  25. Cricket

(Brooke and Douches)

Also Brooke has a few new simple sentences which amazes me more than the 90 something words she already knows.

  1. More cookie please.
  2. Lets go potty.
  3. I love you!!!
  4. See you later.

Brooklyn's 16th & 17th month update

Brooke has grown tremendously this last two months! I know I say that every month but it's true. This month she started to follow simple directions such as; put that in the trash and can mommy have that. She has also began talking in simple sentences; More cookie please. Brooklyn is doing a lot more exploring and trying new things. Just in the last week she has started climbing over the baby gates and on tables, rocks, benches really just about EVERYTHING. She is fearless. Also the little stinker learned to jump (it is so cute), Brooke jumps on the couch, bed and chairs. Since we have started staying with my nanny Brooke has been sleeping in her own toddler bed, she is doing a great job!
Brooklyn weighs 28 lbs and has EIGHT teeth!! Six on bottom and two on top.

since we have been staying at my nanny Brooke enjoys riding on the tractor (gator). she asks to ride it every day. She also loves to go see the horses and donkey. Really she just wants to be OUTSIDE exploring!!


Last Monday my great uncle passed away, he had been battling cancer for three years. He was a great man and some of my most favorite memories involve him. In fact the earliest memory I have of our family get together; thanksgiving at my great grandma's (who has since passed) and my uncle Charles teasing me like he used to and me teasing him right back. :D My family happens to be very sarcastic in this way. My great uncle Charles was also the one who showed me how to fish, I will never forget that day he helped me real my first fish in . The first and last fish I ever caught. I'm happy that he is no longer in pain but selfishly wish he was still here with me.

My uncle Charles and ,his daughter, my cousin Marisa.

Also my grandpa Lewis has been battling cancer for the last two months. It has been really tough on him. Its absolutely the worst thing to see this cancer take everything from him. He is no longer the fun, sarcastic and strong man he was just a few short months ago, he is now quiet and frail. I love him so much and want nothing more than for him to tease me again in the sarcastic way he used to. In the past month he has lost so much weight he is hardly recognizable, lost the ability to sit up, walk or bathe himself, and lost most of that personality we all love so much. This has also been very hard on my nanny,who is his primary caregiver. The strain on her has been so hard that Brooke and I have moved in to pick up what little slack we can. It has been a tough battle this far but we still have a lot of fight left in us.

Lewis with his nova ( working on cars is something he enjoys very much)