Friday, August 27, 2010

Brooke and Hunter

On august first I started to watch a little boy from my home. I was a little worried how Brooke and I would adjust to another baby in the house. You see adding one more baby is not as easy as meals, diapers and naps, Its about figuring how to split your self in two from love to discipline. Our first week getting to know each other was a little testy to say the least. Brooke did not like having another baby taking Mommy's attention, and Hunter didn't know how he felt about having to take naps in a new bed. Then like magic it all snapped in to place! I have a very busy schedule but I enjoy it so much. I love being able to teach these little ones new things and all the cuddles I get (my little man Hunter is a CUDDLE BUG!!!)
Brooklyn has learned to share mommy and has even helps with putting hunter down for his naps. I can tell she has grown fond of him because on the days he is not with us she is looking for him saying "baby baby". Hunter also enjoys Brooklyn mostly watching from the side lines while Brooke brings him all sorts of toys! ha ha



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